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Empowering Geton Community

Dear Geton Ecosystem Members!

We're delighted by your enthusiastic response to our recent email introducing Global Token (GBL), GBL Loans on WaweSwaps, and the the WaweSwaps dApp smart contract integration into the GetonGlobal. Your feedback has shown us the importance of a clear understanding of WaweSwaps and GBL.

Let's break it down:

WaweSwaps ➝ Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency swapping
WaweSwaps is a cutting-edge platform that enables seamless token swaps within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Unlike traditional centralized approaches, WaweSwaps empowers users to initiate swaps either with or without the need for upfront liquidity, opening up new possibilities in how we engage with cryptocurrencies.

Global Token (GBL) ➝ Empowering Your Transactions
GBL operates on the Binance Smart Chain network and boasts a fixed supply. It's designed for global circulation and usage, and its distribution is determined by WaweSwaps mechanisms, including the "halving" protocol. The VGBL tokens held in the DAO pool give you decision-making power. A maximum of 17.9 million GBL tokens will be in circulation, influencing the GBL token's Market Cap.

Cryptocurrency Liquidity ➝ Navigating the Markets
Liquidity refers to how easily an asset can be bought or sold. In the context of cryptocurrency, it determines how easily you can exchange tokens. WaweSwaps Global ensures high liquidity, creating a stable market environment.
The liquidity token on WaweSwaps is GBL, and swapped tokens are stored in a dedicated wallet, permanently removing them from circulation. Swapping rates are set in advance, offering stability and being based on GBL exchange rates.

dApp (Smart Contract) ➝ Enhancing Liquidity, Reducing Risks, Engaging Community (DAO)
WaweSwaps is dedicated to enhancing liquidity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, accommodating a diverse array of tokens. It incorporates principles akin to "crypto-mining," leverages an Automated Market Maker (AMM) mechanism, and guarantees a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Operating on the Binance Smart Chain, it embraces a DAO voting decision-making model, thereby placing control squarely in the hands of the community.

Revolutionizing Crypto Swaps ➝ Creating a Greener Crypto World
The process of token swapping on WaweSwaps Global is like giving your tokens a new lease on life. When you swap using GBL as the liquidity token, those tokens find a secure and transparent home in a dedicated wallet, effectively taking them out of the circulation.
This token recycling isn't just easy; it's also a forward-thinking solution that boosts the overall liquidity of the crypto ecosystem. Through WaweSwaps's Token Recycling feature, you're not just making swaps, you're contributing to a cleaner, more efficient cryptocurrency ecosystem, all while benefiting from the exchange of your unused tokens.
Moreover, the reduction in token supply has a positive impact on their market value, providing advantages to the wider community of users.
This fresh approach not only simplifies trading but also plays a vital role in crafting a strong and sustainable crypto environment for everyone involved.

GBL Loans ➝ A Game Changer
GBL Loans revolutionize trading on WaweSwaps. They allow you to request loans in GBL tokens, eliminating the need for immediate liquidity. This builds trust as users see successful swaps.

We're also excited to announce upcoming features:
1. WS Auctions: A dynamic auction platform on WaweSwaps for expanding your crypto portfolio.
2. WS Lottery: Engaging games integrated with the WaweSwaps ecosystem.

With the upcoming emails we'll provide more details on GBL Loans and address some frequently asked questions. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations!

Warm regards,
WaweSwaps Team

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