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We are thrilled to follow up on our recent announcement regarding Global Token (GBL) and GBL Loans on WaweSwaps with even more exciting news. In response to your keen interest, we're now prepared to provide you with in-depth details about GBL Loans and address some of the frequently asked questions that have been pouring in.

Global Token (GBL)
The Global Token (GBL) is a groundbreaking digital currency engineered for widespread circulation, signaling the advent of an era prioritizing purposeful utility and heightened awareness. This acknowledgment extends to the understanding that even the formidable Bitcoin could face vulnerabilities if solely driven by the capricious inclinations of investors. Furthermore, with a liquidity-providing mechanism and strategic allocation of mainstream crypto-assets, the GBL token emerges as a robust and influential tool, fortifying overall crypto-liquidity and penetrating the global monetary landscape.

Who determines the GBL token price?
The determination of the GBL token price is closely linked to its liquidity. Unlike the majority of crypto-assets, GBL operates as a utility token, offering holders the potential for a sustainable passive income through repeated swapping, effectively recycling less liquid or illiquid assets. To put the immense potential of GBL into perspective, consider this: the total cryptocurrency market is currently only a fraction, approximately 100 times smaller than the stock market and 250 times smaller than the real estate market. This highlights the significant room for growth and expansion within the crypto sector.
Looking ahead to 2024, a clear scenario is emerging with regards to increased Bitcoin dominance. With Bitcoin currently accounting for nearly 50% of the total Market Cap, along with the next 10 largest crypto-assets representing an additional 35%, a substantial surge in Bitcoin's dominance is anticipated in the first half of the year. This may result in a natural consolidation of the market, potentially leading to the phasing out of many so-called "alt-coins." In fact, there's speculation that Bitcoin, with its growing dominance, could even achieve a price upwards of $70,000 in the coming year. In light of these insights, the future of the GBL token appears exceptionally promising. By aligning itself with the momentum of Bitcoin and capitalizing on the prevailing market conditions, GBL is poised for an exciting and transformative year ahead.
It's worth noting that even at present, Bitcoin holders have the ability to exchange their Bitcoin for 100,000 GBL. This signifies a powerful capability: using WaweSwaps, one can effectively swap 1.00 BTC for USDT, showcasing the versatility and potential of the GBL token. Additionally, examining the rates of other dominant global crypto assets reveals their relationship to the GBL token, further emphasizing its significant role in the evolving crypto landscape.

What is the Global Token (GBL) and how does it aim to revolutionize the crypto economy?
In essence, the Global Token (GBL) represents a transformative force in the realm of digital currencies. Its primary objective is to circulate on a global scale, ushering in an era characterized by purposeful utility and heightened awareness within the crypto economy. Unlike certain traditional cryptocurrencies primarily motivated by speculative interests, GBL strives to establish a more sustainable and purpose-driven approach to digital assets. This forward-thinking perspective sets GBL apart, positioning it as a catalyst for positive change in the world of digital finance.

How does GBL differ from traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in terms of purpose and utility?
GBL distinguishes itself from traditional cryptocurrencies by emphasizing its role as a purpose-driven utility. While Bitcoin primarily serves as a store of value and medium of exchange, GBL goes beyond this, offering a mechanism to boost overall crypto-liquidity and penetrate into the worldwide monetary sector. It stands as a stable and powerful tool to support the global crypto economy.

Could you explain the liquidity providing mechanism of GBL and its role in boosting overall crypto-liquidity?
GBL employs a liquidity providing mechanism that actively allocates mainstream crypto-assets. By doing so, it not only stabilizes the token but also significantly augments overall liquidity in the crypto space. This approach sets GBL apart from conventional cryptocurrencies, as it actively contributes to the liquidity and stability of the entire ecosystem.

What is the significance of the allocation of mainstream crypto-assets in the context of GBL's approach?
The allocation of mainstream crypto-assets within the GBL ecosystem is crucial for several reasons. It provides stability to the token, allowing it to withstand market fluctuations more effectively. Additionally, it empowers GBL to influence and contribute to the broader crypto economy, enhancing its utility beyond individual transactions.

How does the distribution of GBL tokens work through the WaweSwaps mechanism, and what role does the "halving" protocol play?
WaweSwaps serves as the mechanism through which GBL tokens are distributed. It incorporates the well-known "halving" protocol, which adjusts the rate of token issuance over time. This ensures that the token distribution is gradual and controlled, preventing rapid inflation and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

What is the function of VGBL tokens held in the DAO pool, and how do they contribute to decision-making and management capabilities within the GBL ecosystem?
VGBL tokens held in the DAO pool grant holders decision-making power and management capabilities within the GBL ecosystem. This democratic approach allows stakeholders to actively participate in the governance and direction of the token. It ensures that decisions are made collectively, reflecting the interests and values of the GBL community.

What is the total supply of GBL tokens, and how does it impact the calculation of GBL token's Market Cap?
The maximum supply of GBL tokens is set at 17.9 million, which influences the calculation of GBL token's Market Cap. This limited supply ensures that the token retains its value and scarcity, creating a sense of rarity and exclusivity that can contribute to its attractiveness in the market.

How does GBL's global circulation contribute to its mission of purpose-driven utility and heightened awareness in the world of cryptocurrencies?
GBL's global circulation is a pivotal aspect of its mission. By being designed for global use, it ensures accessibility and inclusivity for users around the world. This accessibility, combined with its purpose-driven utility, fosters a more conscious and aware approach to crypto assets, setting a new standard for the industry.

What is the main goal of GBL Loans?
GBL Loans aim to elevate your swapping experience by seamlessly integrating with our existing swap functionalities, opening up a world of endless possibilities for our community.

How does the lending process work with GBL Loans?
GBL Loans allow you to acquire a 100 GBL token loan. The protocol autonomously finalizes the loan when liquidity accumulates to 200% in your swap. You settle the liquidity only when you're confident in the reliability of our system.

What is the foundation of trust and reliability in GBL Loans?
Trust is paramount in GBL Loans. You only commit liquidity after validating the trustworthiness of our system. This ensures a secure and dependable experience for all users.
When the accumulated liquidity reaches 200%, the user decides when they want to pay the liquidity based on their preferences and the current price of GBL token that they consider favorable (liquidity realization is executed in real-time). This ensures a safe and reliable experience for all users.

How can I prosper as a GBL Loan provider?
Ascend as a loan provider by contributing your GBL tokens. With a 5000 GBL threshold, you can enjoy an astounding 300% return in just 100 days. Join us on a journey to new financial horizons.

What are the benefits of choosing GBL Loans?
GBL Loans offer manifold benefits, including amplified returns, financial expansion, and an opportunity to partake in the crypto-mining phenomenon. It's a way to safeguard your financial future in the world of digital assets.

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