PiplCoin Statistics
World Population Clock
Final PiplCoin Price [€]
PiplCoin Issued [15th July, 2017]
ICO Distributed Supply
Burned [07th October, 2019]
PiplShare BetaTesting
PiplShare Incorporation Supply
Total Supply (Final)
Business Development Supply
Transfered Supportive Supply
Remaining Business Development Supply
Circulating Supply
Price [€]
Market Capitalization [€]
PiplCoin Historical Price Chart
Dynamic Price Modeling Concept
Index: Supportive Supply: Change: Price [€]:
1 11.200.000 0,01201711
2 4.903.197.500 2.343.116.950 2,51406259
3 3.317.734.262 1.072.799.068 4,21519569
4 2.244.935.194 1.072.799.068 5,36626244
5 1.519.028.840 725.906-354 6,14512839
6 1.027.846.426 491.182.414 6,67214575
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The mission of PiplCoin is to provide high grade liquidity for a blockchain-based project PiplShare.
PiplCoin Supplies in a Nutshell
Understanding the Supplies is one of the most important issues when you start using and exploring the cryptocurrency.
This section transparently displays wallets with PiplCoin supplies in real-time, as they are visible on Etherscan.io.

Basic PiplCoin Supply Structure

In general, PiplCoin supplies can be represented as the Maximum Supply, from which the Burned Amount is deducted and the result is the Total Supply.
Liquidity Pool
Maximum Supply
The 7.531.907.537 PiplCoins coins represent the maximum amount of coins ever exist during the lifetime of the PiplCoin cryptocurrency, and correspond to a world population estimate on 15 July 2017.
At current price of PiplCoin on the GetOn.Exchange, which is € 1,16827709 the Capitalization of PiplCoin Maximum Supply is € 8.799.355.004.
Liquidity Pool
Burned amount
According to world population growth from July 15, 2017 to October 7, 2019, when the production version of PiplShare is introduced, the amount of PiplCoins in the liquidity pool will decrease by 202.148.828 PIPL, hence the capitalization of PiplCoin Maximum Supply at € 8.799.355.004 creates an upward pressure on the price of PiplCoin to € 1,20049723.
Liquidity Pool
Total Supply
The Total Supply is the number of coins currently available minus the verifiably burned coins.
PiplCoin Total Supply on October 7th, 2019:
Maximum Supply =7.531.907.537 PIPL
− Burned (destroyed) Amount: =202.148.829 PIPL
PiplCoin Total Supply = 7.329.758.708 PIPL.

Further the Total Supply is divided to Blockchain Corporation Founding Supply = 10.000.000 PIPL; PiplShare Supportive Supply and Circulating Supply.
Distribution of PiplCoin Total Supply

According to the development phase of PiplShare Platform, shareholders of PiplShare Blockchain Corporation can approve drawdown from Liquidity Pool with undistributed (reserved) Development Supply to Supportive Supply. The supply, circulating on the global market is Circulating Supply.
Liquidity Pool
Circulating Supply
The number of tokens that are circulating in the market and are in the general public’s hands. Basically these tokens were within the ICO period. Another way to increase the circulating supply is to reward users who are involved in expanding project volume and building the Community.
The PiplShare Blockchain Corporation is constantly buying tokens from the global market and injecting them into Available Circulating Supply, which is sold on GetOn Direct.
Liquidity Pool
Supportive Supply
Undistributed amount of tokens, i.e. tokens that are not yet in circulation and are part of Total Supply are designed to support the development of the PiplShare project. For this reason, they are injected into the kind of Liquidity Pool and should support future development. Transactions are transparent and promptly visible on Etherscan.io.
PiplCoin Official Wallets

Type of Supply Wallet Amount of Tokens Value
Business Development Supply 0x8b9ce3979619e6f4099b62072033f2c9c28ba58b PIPL 0 EUR
Circulating Supply 0x7abd702dbe8c3cba0a75aecf9e1916ee71167c57 PIPL 0 EUR
Company Founding Supply 0x021eD25c794fdb98B03947D42c6A34C7Ff2A8A03 10.000.009 PIPL 11.682.781 EUR
PiplShare Project
PiplShare is a blockchain-based project-board ecosystem supported by the cryptocurrency PiplCoin. Blockchain has become an important factor in freelance work life. Most freelancers do not fully understand Blockchain, apart from the fact that this is the technology behind the growing cryptocurrency markets. But Blockchain is promising for many other industries, and freelancers will benefit. Here are some benefits that this technology can bring to the work environment of freelancers.
Find Job
Profile portability and authenticity
Freelancers have full control and governance over their profile data, credentials, and reviews. This allows them to share such a profile across different marketplaces over the Internet, saving valuable time and money. Transactions and recommendations are more credible and therefore more trustworthy for recruiters worldwide. Using Know Your Customer (KYC) services and utilizing smart contracts are important steps in running a compliant working protocol.
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Safe and Secured Payments
Absolutely (100%) secure payments / guarantees to complete the task. Each project offers the possibility to secure the payment with real value. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology help freelancers to not just rely on a traditional or central bank. Payments to freelancers through conventional banking systems incur fees, some of which may be significant. Even if the Fiat currency is paid into the freelancer’s credit card account, a fee will be charged. Crypto-transfers have low fees, and the freelancer retains more of what he/she has earned. This also helps freelancers in developing countries, where it is difficult to receive payments for work done.
Intellectual Property Protection
When a freelancer completes a project, he/she can record that project in a blockchain where it is permanently and immutably saved. This is absolute proof that the project has been completed and that there are no concerns about theft of work, intellectual property, etc. All blockchain transactions are dated and timestamped. The old copyright and patent systems are being transformed into a clean, streamlined process of recording and storing.
Investing into Human Resorces
Enterprises become increasingly aware that proper investment into human resources can have a significant impact on their performance, which of course also affects their competitiveness. Businesses can invest in general human capital, which is an investment into specific or general training that enables acquisition of general knowledge usable in various companies. This results in higher future expected return of investment.
Based on blockchain technology and with support of smart contracts, investment into human recources is transparent, easy to manage and safe, for both parties.
Investors to human resources can freely choose between two options:
1. To back-up Freelancer when he/she want topublish new project, but need additional funds to secure project budget, or
2.To support freelancer when applying to project, but need additional support to fulfil the project requirements.
The Prospectus
The prospectus is an official document required by the GetOn’s protocol and provides details of an investment offer for Blockchain Companies hosted on the GetOn platform. Token offers from Blockchain companies is submitted by a prospectus. It is used to help investors make a more informed investment decision.
Under the Prospectus, investors can freely enter or exit into/from the participation of shares when the Blockchain Company sells tokens from the Available Circulating Supply (tokens purchased on the global market).
Passive Incomes
Making an active income as a freelancer is a basic principle, and it’s how almost everyone gets started. However, once you have established yourself, generated multiple income streams, and the rates are high enough to have some free time, it may be worthwhile to generate a passive income.
Generating sustainable passive income can be more difficult than generating active income. But if you're successful enough, all you have to do is sit back and watch the money come in.
The PiplShare platform, with support of PiplCoin, provides freelancers with very useful tools to help them generate sustainable revenue from past activities. Building the community by sending the invitation and assisting the invitee with verifying the user account is the basic principle and the beginning of building passive income flows at PiplShare.