Shareworking is a new way of freelancing

Share work with friends and partners effortlessly in a virtual working environment
Why PiplShare
Find Job
Find Job
Search among all the available jobs on the platform using a user-friendly environment and get paid with cryptocurrencies.
Post Job
Post Job
Post a job in just a few simple steps and select a suitable candidate for your work. Every job will be represented by a smart contract.
Job History
All completed jobs will be listed on a public ledger. This will provide an immutable record of you work experience.
Review and choose among all applicants for the job. For an easier decision visit user profile that acts as a CV of the user or makes your decision on user rating.
All active jobs have a dashboard of their own, where both the employee and the employer can share information, chat, post files and have control over job process and activity.
Get paid with cryptocurrencies
Use available cryptocurrencies for quick and reliable payments with immutable and transparent transaction history.
Protect owner and contractor
Funds for a posted job will be locked in an ethereum contract. After the job is completed, the contractor will be paid automatically.
Road Map
Stage 1
Q2 2017 (Beta)
Stage 2
Q1 2018
PiplShare Platform
Stage 3
Q1 2019
PiplShare Blockchain Platform
Stage 4
Q4 2019
FIAT Transactions Support
Stage 5
Q4 2020
Shareworking Pension System
Milan Kozlevcar
Aljaž Kozlevcar
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